Fun Sledding Photo Session at Blackhawk Park

The best part of being a kid in winter is sledding, so we went to Blackhawk park with some friends for a beautiful sunny session. The weather was perfect, the laughs were plentiful, and I got a lot of beautiful photos! Taking photos in full sun with bright white snow everywhere is tricky, but with the proper settings you can get a dreamy, winter wonderland look. Days like this remind me that it’s always worth it to take my ‘big camera’ rather than relying on my iPhone to capture these memories!
A tip for photographing in snow: always overexpose your photo by a stop or slightly more. The camera will try to make all the white in the frame ‘middle gray,’ so your beautiful white snow will end up gray and your subjects will be dark. Shooting in manual is a must for snow photos! This post on the Clickin Moms blog is a good one for bringing out the best in snow photos. I also added a happy sky overlay to these photos in Photoshop, the white blown sky just didn’t look as magical as I envisioned the photos in my mind. Enjoy!
Family Sledding Photo (5) (Custom)Family Sledding Photo (18) (Custom)Family Sledding Photo (3) (Custom)Family Sledding Photo (Custom)Family Sledding Photo (7) (Custom)Family Sledding Photo (12) (Custom)Family Sledding Photo (22) (Custom)



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