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While I have taken thousands of photos of my son since he was born, in the 33 months he has been in our lives I have never written him a letter. I hope this post will be the first of many monthly letters to him, so I never forget all the little things.
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Dear Ashford,

You have been growing up so fast in recent months.  You say the funniest things!   When you talk like an adult, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with emotion hearing you say ‘I love you, have a good day!’  You have been able to sing your ABCs for awhile now, but more exciting is that you can identify letters and spell things that are written.  You know all your numbers up to 20, and are able to count your cars, crayons, and blocks.  You love to sing and have some awesome dance moves.  You grew three whole inches since your birthday last June!  You are always on the go and love to laugh and smile.  You love to give hugs and kisses, and your favorite spot is on mom or dad’s lap while reading a book or watching a movie.  You still love to be carried places, but at 30 pounds it’s getting tougher every day!  I promise I will carry you for as long as I can.
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Since this is the first time I’m writing, let’s recap some of your favorite things that have been very consistent throughout your life…first up is momma’s Kindle – which you call ‘my candle.’ You are able to navigate all the menus, apps, and even pull up Netflix to watch your favorite movies!
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Your kitties. Unfortunately, only one of them tolerates you long enough for me to snap a photo! We are working on being gentle, but you still love to choke poor Lucius with your ‘hugs.’
Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer
Most importantly, your ‘baby.’ It was a hand me down from your cousin, and it is now that much more loved.
Recently, I accidentally dropped baby on the driveway and it was too dark to see. You had to go an entire night without baby and it was terrible! I bought you a new one on Ebay that night and even when I found it frozen to the driveway the next day, I was so happy to have gotten you a backup.
I meant to keep ‘backup baby’ secret, but you found it immediately. Hopefully you won’t require two anytime soon!
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You have always been ahead of the game with your motor skills, rolling over at 2 months, crawling at 6 months, climbing stairs at 8 months, walking at 10 months, and running by one year. Now, we absolutely cannot keep up with you! If we put you down in a store, you are off like a flash and the employees have to help us track you down. You also love PUDDLES of all shapes and sizes. I can take you outside and let you run in puddles for what seems like forever and you won’t get tired of it.
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I can’t forget to mention your cars. You have loved cars as long as you were old enough to understand what they were, and that is something I don’t think will change.
Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer
Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer
Twin Cities Lifestyle PhotographerTwin Cities Lifestyle Photographer
I can’t wait to see what March brings for your milestones!
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