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Last November, I was about 8 months pregnant and we had just moved to Palatine.  I never had maternity photos taken with my first baby, except for the weekly ‘belly’ photos I took against a backdrop.  This time, my final pregnancy, I wanted some real photos in one of my maternity gowns and heels!  I have taken maternity photos for others, but I’ve never attempted to take my own before…so I asked my husband for a little help.  He has handled my camera well in the past, and this was one time I absolutely needed everything he had learned!  We went out to a forest preserve on an unseasonably warm November day, and I had him stand in for me while I adjusted my camera settings to the light.  He did the rest!  After some cropping, straightening and editing, I think they are great shots.  I almost said ‘forget it’ to taking photos amid all the chaos of our move and home renovations, but I’m happy that I made it happen.  Also, my husband is the best and I’m so lucky to have him.  Enjoy the beautiful location!

Palatine maternity photographer
Palatine maternity photographerPalatine maternity photographerPalatine maternity photographer
Palatine maternity photographer* Sara Hilton is a creative Palatine family photographer who specializes in family, children, maternity, and couples photography. Sara is known for beautiful and dramatic outdoor photography, but also offers lifestyle shoots inside client’s homes. Sara currently lives in Palatine with her family: a husband who could probably be an awesome photographer, a three year old son who loves to take 75 toys to the park, and a 4 month old son who only wants mommy most of the time.  Sara is currently booking family, graduating senior, maternity, couple and children sessions in Palatine and all of the surrounding Northwest suburbs of Chicago. *



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